Icebergers and non-Icebergers take note! Its all in their slogan; “We Are Different”, and they are. Our little troupe of Icebergers headed down to The Halal Guys to get some lunch and were pleasantly surprised at the freshness and tastiness of their menu.

Let’s face it, this type of food has been done so many times by so many vendors in New York that, from culinary standpoint, this event didn’t really promise much. But how wrong we were. An Iceberger, born in Greece, who ordered the Chicken Gyro exclaimed “these guys really know how to use mediterranean flavor”. I on the other hand, am a great fan of chilli sauce – and believe me when I say that their ‘famous’ hot sauce is famous for a reason…

I recommend everyone who has a spare hour for lunch to get over to one of their restaurants or stalls and sample what they have to offer!

They have six locations in NY so just head to their website (or yelp them) to know more

See more events in New York on Iceberg: The Social Travel Network

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